Turn the Great Resignation Into the Great Reshuffle

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The pandemic has really done a number on every market and industry you can think of, including the HVAC industry. When the pandemic first began, widespread job losses gave way to tight labor markets in 2021. This became known as the Great Resignation, where quit rates reach as high a 20 year high last November.

There were plenty of reasons people quit their jobs, such as low pay, lack of respect, child care issues, etc, and company and business management has been trying to find ways to tackle the issue.

HVAC contractors are dealing with the same issues as everyone else, so they need to find ways to really appease potential employees.

But how should they do that? how do you turn such a bad situation into a good opportunity?

Check out this opinion piece by Kyle Gargaro where he talks about how you can transform the Great Resignation into the Great Reshuffle.

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Scott Davenport

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