The Top 15 Influencer Marketplaces For Your Next Influencer Campaign

These days, finding influencers to help you with your influencer campaigns isn’t a hard thing to do.

There are roughly 37 million influencers on Instagram, and around 1.5 million of them work on YouTube. These creators are paid to promote the products and services created by businesses and brands willing to work with them.

But how do you find the influencers who are right for your brand? You just need to utilize an influencer marketplace. These will help point you in the right direction.

What is an influencer marketplace? According to Peer To Peer Marketing, an influencer marketplace is “basically an online platform that connects marketers with influencers in similar industries or social channels. For example, you can find a marketplace just for Instagram fashion influencers, or a YouTube influencer marketplace just for foodies, or a single marketplace to search for both.”

If you want to check out an influencer marketplace, Neal Schaffer came up with a list of marketplaces you can use to get started!

  2. afluencer
  3. Brybe
  5. Dealspotr
  6. ExpertVoice
  7. Fohr
  8. #paid
  10. Influencity
  11. Intellifluence
  12. Izea
  13. Shoutcart
  14. Tomoson
  15. Tribe

Scott Davenport

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