How Do You Target Competitor Audiences On Facebook?

In PPC marketing, targeting your competitors and their audiences is a tradition that every marketer has done. Getting your ads in front of their audience can help build awareness of your own brand, ultimately generating leads and sales.

Yes, Google and Bing allows us to run ads for the competition, but can you do the same thing on social media? Can you do that with Facebook? There aren’t any keywords you can take advantage of, so what do you do?

You could try targeting the fans of your competitors, but that’s not allowed, and for good reason. Facebook won’t let you target the fans of a specific page, but that doesn’t mean you can’t target the competitor.

But how do you target your competitors or their competitors?

Anna Sonnenberg wrote an article where she show us how to research and model Facebook audience targeting used by your competitors. Her article shows you how you can find competitor’s organic audiences, how to analyze competitors Facebook Pages, as well as how to find competitors’ paid audiences.

There’s a lot more that she discusses in her article, so if you are thinking of using the audiences of your competitors to your advantage, you should go check out the article over here for more details.

Scott Davenport

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