The Pandemic Moved The Sales Process Online

Over the past two years, the world has seen a shift in how everything and everyone behaves, including our personal lives, businesses, medicine, and the economy in general.

Masking and social distancing policies became the norm while businesses, schools and offices went quiet.

As some safety measures ease, we\’ve already seen covid infect almost 80 million Americans and leaving almost a million dead.

Thanks to the pandemic, it changed a lot of things that we took for granted, and for HVAC contractors or sales people who used to visit the customer\’s home, things have really changed. People became nervous about the face-to-face contact in fear of becoming sick, which is totally warranted.

It seems we\’ve been adapting to the changes that the pandemic has caused, including online quotes and virtual sales calls, instead of doing them in person.

Over on ACHR, there is a post written by Joanna R. Turpin where she talks about how more HVAC business has had to change and adapt by moving their sales process online.

It\’s worth a read, so go check it out here!

Scott Davenport

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