The Complete B2B Guide For Local Businesses

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Typically, when you hear about local SEO, you typically think of local B2C businesses trying to drive traffic to their local storefront. But in reality, how often do you think of B2B businesses trying to do the same thing? Not all B2B businesses do it, but many tend to have specific locations where they are trying to pull in traffic.

Just like with a B2C business, B2B businesses work to become a trusted authority for everything they are offering, whether it is products or services in a specific geographic location. This is why it’s important that B2B business have to work to create a value for their local community as a whole.

But how do you establish yourself as an active and trusted B2B business that can provide value using SEO? Jeff Riddall has posted an article over on Search Engine Journal that you will want to check out if you run a B2B business and you need a complete guide for local business SEO.

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