The Best 16 Facebook Ads Tool You Should Know

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the Facebook ads you see in your news feed actually works? It’s interesting to think that sometimes you will find them annoying and a bit of a pain, but realistically, if done right, they can work wonders. If you’re a business owner, you might want to get on board because you might see a massive return on your Facebook ads.

The benefits of Facebook ads includes:

  1. The Facebook Advertising platform offers robust analytics
  2. You can micro-target your exact audience
  3. You can create ads catering to your specific objective
  4. You’ll reach more people than you ever would with organic posts
  5. Ads will let you remarket to people who’ve already interacted with you
  6. With the right targeting, you can get clicks and conversion for cheap
  7. You can find new leads with Facebook Ads
  8. You can add a custom call-to-action button
  9. You can scale your content promotion
  10. You’ll encourage customer loyalty

Of course, there’s going to be a lot of people who thinks that Facebook Ads Manager is the only thing out there to use, but there is a host of other tools you can use to improve your ad spend ROI.

Here is a list of the top Facebook Ads tools, according to Neal Schaffer, you might not have even known exist.

Facebook Ads Management Platform

  1. Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Qwaya
  3. AdEspresso
  4. Hootsuite Ads
  5. Adstage
  6. Pagemodo
  7. Wordstream Social Ads

Facebook Ads Retargeting

  1. AdRoll
  2. Perfect Audience

Facebook Ads Automation

  1. Connectio
  2. RevealBot
  3. Smartly.io

Facebook Ads Creation

  1. Facebook Ads Library
  2. Canva
  3. Unsplash

Facebook Adds Reproting

  1. AgoraPulse AdsReport

Source – Neal Schaffer

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