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It’s been predicted that the HVAC industry is to grow to 35.8 billion by 2030. The main reason for the industry’s growth is the constant rise in population. The rise in population implies a much greater need for HVAC service contractors to keep people comfortable in their homes or workplaces.

The rising demand for HVAC contractors also means more companies will come into the space, creating more and more competition for HVAC businesses. To make sure you stand out from the crowd, it’s best to apply the best HVAC marketing strategies possible.

To help you out, here are some proven-and-tested HVAC marketing advertising channels to acquire HVAC leads.

Seasonal Marketing

This one is pretty obvious to anyone in the HVAC industry, so I’ll only mention it briefly and move on to additional strategies.

As an example, if your business is situated in an area that gets very hot during the summer months, plan a special sale leading up to the season to fill your lead funnel before you’d already get busy for the summer.  We recommend advertising to your clients about the importance of maintenance and repair of their AC system before the weather gets too hot.

Conversely, advertise during the Fall about maintaining or tuning up their furnace before the cold weather sets in.

By employing seasonal marketing at the right times, you can build your lead flow before the actual weather itself (i.e. hot days of summer) drives leads naturally.

Email Marketing

HVAC marketing mainly revolves around customer retention (more on this below) and attracting new customers. You can do both of these using email marketing, and this type of marketing is also one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies in general.

To start using email marketing to acquire more HVAC leads for your company, you’ll first need to create a mailing list. Through email sign ups on your website, social media, or other lead generating methods, you can acquire email addresses to connect to now and in the future.

Once they’re on your list, don’t forget to properly segment them. Segmenting customers with the relevant email content will allow you to easily target and predict a customer’s needs.

For instance, if you’ve just installed a new HVAC system for a client, place them next on your “maintenance” list. This way, you can message them about your maintenance services.

Moreover, you can send a newsletter to your HVAC leads. Your newsletter can include helpful HVAC maintenance tips, links to your videos or blog, discount codes, etc. Having a newsletter will build better customer relationships, allowing you to retain them long-term.

A Well-designed Website

Most people are now searching for products and services they need through the web.  According to Google’s search inventory data, HVAC services is a massively active search category. So, not having a website for your HVAC business is detrimental to your ability to build leads and grow your business.

Take note that simply having a website won’t suffice. You have to make sure that your website looks appealing and professional. In fact, numerous studies have found that potential clients judge a business’ credibility based on its website design.

The same studies also shows that visitors will highly convert to paying customers if your website has the following elements:

  • Visible and accessible contact information
  • The “About Us” page has actual photos of you and your team doing work
  • Provide discounts if a visitor signs up for your newsletter

In addition to a well-designed website, your website should also be mobile-friendly. This is important since Google states that more than 40% of people look for products and/or services using their phones regularly. Thus, make your website mobile-friendly so prospects can conveniently land on your website, giving them a glimpse of your HVAC services.

Understanding SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is basically the key for your company’s website to appear in front of prospects.

When searching for a product or service, have you noticed that you usually opt for those that are at the top of the results? It’s rare for people to scroll all the way down or move on to the second page of the search results.  So it makes sense that you want your business to appear on the top pages when someone is looking for HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance.

Although there are many SEO strategies and techniques to help your company capture more HVAC leads, one of the best ones you can start with is to use important keywords in topic-specific content on your website.  These are keywords that people often use in their search queries when looking for HVAC services.  

Here are some examples:

  • “HVAC contractor, [your town]”
  • “Best HVAC company in [your town]”
  • “AC repair”

Start by conducting keyword research to find common keywords your target audience uses and incorporate them throughout your website. By doing so, you have more of a chance of showing up in Google’s organic listings when someone searches for your services.  

PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising means that advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked by a visitor. Hence, you’re basically buying visits to your site rather than organically earning them.

Your HVAC business can run PPC ads on various platforms, like Facebook and Google. To know which platform to choose, conduct some research on what platform your target audience uses the most. Nevertheless, one of the best platforms for HVAC companies to use is Google Ads.

Using Google Ads is the easiest way to get to the “top” of Google’s search results. This means there’s a huge chance that searchers will see your business, especially if they’re using the same keywords you’ve incorporated in your ads.

When selecting keywords to use, make sure to be customer-centric. For example, when its summer, prospects aren’t looking for heating solutions. In this case, make sure your ads revolve around air conditioning topics.

PPC Ads are also the perfect time to use ‘near me’ keywords, like “AC repair near me” since you can’t usually rank well in organic listings for ‘near me’ terms.

Customer Reviews

Getting positive customer reviews is proof of your credibility. That’s why customer reviews are important when getting new customers. So, make sure to incorporate online reviews into your HVAC marketing strategy.

Start by making sure you have a verified Google My Business page. Doing so will allow your business to receive Google reviews. Also, having a GMB page will help boost your local SEO.

Once you have a verified Google My Business page, make sure you optimize it by filling out every possible section, adding your logo and photos, and possibly running a small Google Ads local campaign, which ties to your GMB page

Now that you have a well-established Google My Business page, ask satisfied clients to leave a review for your company by emailing or texting them a link to your GMB review page.

Customer Retention

ROI and ROAS data shows that finding a new customer is more expensive than retaining one. In fact, the cost of finding a new customer is typically between 5 to 25 times higher than gaining repeat business from existing clients. To take advantage of this, make sure that a significant part of your HVAC marketing budget is allocated to keeping your existing customers happy, and using personalized marketing to keep them informed and interested in your business and services.

Obviously, the best way to keep customers around is through excellent customer service. This also means reaching out to unhappy clients and attempting to solve any possible customer service issue quickly and definitively.

Email marketing is a great way to keep your current customers informed.  Start by asking for email addresses with each new job, and include a place on your website for customers to sign up for news and updates (possibly offer a 10% discount, or something similar, for signing up).  This list should grow every week and become a substantial avenue for reaching your customers and creating profitable repeat business.

Final Words

At first glance, implementing all of the HVAC advertising methods above can be daunting. This is especially true if your HVAC business is still small and doesn\’t have sufficient budget for expensive marketing strategies, or hiring an experienced agency to help navigate marketing challenges.

If there was one place to start, we would recommend investing in a great, modern, mobile-friendly website.  As mentioned above, a website serves as an avenue for people to find you in the digital world.  With a website in place, you can then focus on one marketing channel at a time, driving quality potential-lead traffic to your website.

Acquiring leads in a very competitive industry like HVAC is important as it’ll translate to your company’s survival.  By employing some of the top marketing strategies in this post, you’ll be on the right path to great growth and many more leads!


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