Social Media VS Content Marketing: How Do You Leverage Them Together To See Results?

It can be quite a puzzle to fit all the pieces of a cohesive digital marketing strategy together into something successful and coherent.

Two of these pieces are social media and content marketing.

These two aspects of digital marketing certainly has their own goals and objectives for your business, but if done right, they can work best together in a number of situations.

If you can create content, all while using social media in perfect harmony, you’ll be able to create an even larger audience for your business.

Sharing your content on social media helps to increase lead generation and grow awareness around your brand.

There is an article over on Neal Schaffer’s site that goes into this topic, where they discuss how social media marketing and content marketing are related, as well as nine steps you can take to integrate social media into your content marketing.

These steps includes:

  1. Identifying your target audience
  2. Craft your branding strategy
  3. Cross-promote on different platforms
  4. Utilize linking techniques
  5. Start with blogging
  6. Take into account email marketing
  7. Integrate video marketing
  8. Transition to podcasting
  9. Work with e-book and other content

For more details on these steps, check out the post over here!

Scott Davenport

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