Social Media Monitoring: What Are 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid?

These days, it’s no longer enough to respond only to @mentions of your brand online. If that’s what you’re focusing on, then there’s so much that you’re missing out on. There are people who will mention you’re brand name in a variety of ways. When you’re switching between multiple social apps, that’s an even bigger time sink that you have to worry about as well.

If you’re switching apps, as well as manually searching those apps for mentions than actually interacting with brand mentions, then you need a social media monitoring strategy.

What is social media monitoring? According to,

“Social media monitoring is the process of identifying and determining what is being said about a brand, individual or product through different social and online channels.”

They go on to explain how it works:

“Similar to search engines that send crawlers to the far reaches of the Internet, social media monitoring is an algorithm-based tool that crawls sites and continuously indexes them. Once sites are indexed, they can be searched based on queries or strings.”

With how useful social media monitoring can be, there are still some mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. Hopper has an article written by Amal Moursi where she talks about the most common social media monitoring mistakes that can be made so that you can avoid making them yourself.

Read the article here

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