Should HVAC Contractors Follow The Tiger Woods Plan?

Turning profession in 1996, Tiger Woods has become quite a famous golfer, building quite a big career based on quite a number of wins, as well as founding TGR. He was the youngest golfer to become such a huge hit in the golfing community, and won a quarter of all the tournaments he entered.

TGR is a huge company comprised of companies Tiger has built up, including TGR Design, The TGR Foundation, TGR Live, and The Woods Jupiter.

But you might be wondering what a famous golfer has got to do with the HVAC industry. As Kyle Gargaro said, it would be equivalent to a trade school graduate who opened up a contracting business, comes into the HVAC community and managed to get the highest share of the market in just two years.

We all would love to see a similar level of success as Tiger Woods, and perhaps there is something there we can model ourselves with as Tiger did with his career.

Kyle has a post over on ACHR where he talks about how we can follow the same plan to see success in the HVAC industry.

Check it out here!

Scott Davenport

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