Reddit Ads Manager Introduces 6 New Features

Effective immediately, Reddit has unveiled updates to its Ads Manager, aimed at accommodating its expanding global advertising operations and catering to the varied requirements of its advertisers. The modifications bring targeted enhancements for international advertisers and self-service clients.

Here is a list of new features that were introduced in Reddit’s Manager:

  1. Simple Campaign Creation:
    • Create a campaign with a single ad in three easy steps
    • Ideal for self-serve advertisers and quick ad launches
  2. Automated Ad Creation:
    • Build and test multiple ad variations on the platform
    • Save time previously spent creating new ads one-by-one
  3. Multi-Currency Support:
    • Choose from international currencies like AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and NZD
    • Catering to the needs of a growing international client base
  4. Improved Community Search:
    • Find targetable communities based on topic relevance
    • Maximize reach to relevant audiences
  5. Reporting Retention:
    • Support for a 12-month reporting look-back
    • Helpful for advertisers analyzing ad activity over time
  6. Bulk Edit Improvements:
    • Make changes to bids, budgets, and third-party reporting trackers
    • Edit ads across multiple campaigns and ad groups simultaneously

The platform’s diverse advertiser base is the inspiration behind these updates, which strive to assist all clients in maximizing the benefits of their Reddit campaigns. According to Shariq Rizvi, Reddit’s EVP of Ads Monetization, the platform’s concentration continues to be on delivering a simple, user-friendly, and responsive advertising experience as the company expands and invites advertisers from around the world.

Scott Davenport

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