Prioritizing Privacy: Key Considerations for Marketing Organizations – Insights from Privacy Expert Lucas Long

With more personal and everyday information being uploaded to the web, protecting privacy has become a primary concern for both consumers and businesses. Despite their efforts to safeguard customer data, businesses face increasing numbers of high-profile data breaches and scandals. Consequently, consumers are demanding better protection of their personal information and are increasingly aware of their rights. As privacy laws and best practices evolve constantly, businesses must keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines and regulations.

In the latest episode of the SEJ Show, Loren Baker speaks with Lucas Long, the Director of Privacy Strategy at InfoTrust and co-author of the Amazon Best-Selling book, “Becoming a Privacy-Centric Marketing Organization.” This privacy-focused podcast explores the three critical pillars of privacy that every marketing organization must consider. Lucas shares insights on the necessary steps that businesses should take to prioritize privacy in their marketing strategies.

The SEJ video podcast covers a broad range of topics related to digital marketing and the latest industry trends. In this podcast, they discuss various marketing aspects, such as:

  • ID-oriented data and targeting in multiple brands & regions.
  • Industries Lucas specializes in.
  • Ecommerce challenges with cross-country targeting.
  • Core pillars of privacy-centric marketing.
  • Other ID touchpoints available.
  • Other options for additional data sources.
  • What is server-side tag management?
  • Can companies access more data from loyalty programs?
  • How the book launch has been for marketing.

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