Podcast Marketing Stats For Businesses (Infographics)

A lot of us love podcasts, but why are they so popular these days? It seems that more people are digging into this different form of entertainment and knowledge that can consumed easily and comfortably in a number of different ways.

Podcasts aren’t new – but some how they’ve become almost like a virus. Their popularity has spread to people who normally wouldn’t have thought about listening and enjoying them. We’ve seen created and downloaded at record rates.

Here’s five reasons why people love podcasts:

  1. They’re easily accessible
  2. You can listen to what you want, when you want
  3. They’re multi-task friendly
  4. They build intimacy
  5. They provide an instant community

If you’re thinking of getting into podcasting or podcast advertising, the team from Spiralytics put tog ether a list of podcast consumption stats and notes that can help guide you in regards to this unique format.

Check out the full infographic below.

Scott Davenport

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