How To Write Content Effectively (Infographic)

The importance of your content shouldn’t be something to underestimate. When creating content, look at it as you would money. It has value. The more time and effort you spend on it, the more value your business and your audience gets from it.

By effectively written content, you will attract more of an audience, which will help you draw greater chances of conversions.

Although content writing is always changing, quality always remains at its core, and in that situation, there are some things that will always need to be done in order to create great content.

SEMrush has created an infographic that will show us what is needed to effectively write great content:

  1. Research
  2. Embrace the ugly first draft
  3. Write for one person
  4. Write for readability
  5. Say more with less
  6. Ban banality
  7. Write with empathy for your audience

Scott Davenport

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