How To Write A Blog Post Introduction That Grabs And Holds Your Attention

Creating a great blog post introduction can be difficult. With over 800 million blogs out there, many of them trying to get your attention, how in the world are you going to grab their attention and keep it? This is why creating an awesome blog post intro is extremely important.

A compelling, well-written, reader-oriented introduction, when done right, can uplift the rest of your blog post, and maybe even generate more traffic. If your introduction is weak, it’ll probably discourage the reader from continuing reading the rest of your blog post, regardless of how great the rest of the content is.

But there are ways you can craft an incredible introduction, and Brian Clark has a post he’s written for Copyblogger where he lists five easy ways to open your blog the right way, including:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Share and anecdote or a quote
  3. Invoke the mind’s eye to write a blog post introduction
  4. Use an analogy, a metaphor, or a smile
  5. Cite a persuasive statistic

Check out Brian’s full post over on Copyblogger for all the details on each point. With these pointers, you should be able to create a great blog post introduction in no time!

Scott Davenport

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