How To Structure Your Internal Marketing Team?

Is it possible to structure the perfect internal marketing team? If you know the right steps to do so, then absolutely?

In this video, John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility CEO, will discuss 4 key positions you need to cover for maximum returns.

  1. Internal Person: needs to be accountable, understand the project management system you use, have strong communication skills, and gather data to share results.
  2. Omni Strategist: needs to be highly strategic, understand the project management system, and ensure clients get the best out of service.
  3. Relationship Manager: checks in with all key stakeholders on the internal side to ensure a smooth day-to-day process.
  4. Service Delivery Team: the person who executes on all the services within the internal company.

If you use this system to set up your internal marketing team, you’ll see high-performing and highly profitable teams.

Scott Davenport

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