How to Use Video to Attract More HVAC Partners

Video is growing in importance for HVAC B2B companies looking to attract new customers and partners. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, veteran SEO expert Crystal Carter explains exactly how to create an effective on-page video strategy.

Crystal notes that there are three key areas HVAC businesses should focus on:

  • Creating useful, relevant video content
  • Hosting videos on an optimized platform like YouTube
  • Embedding videos on webpages with proper markup

Getting these components right can help HVAC sites rank better and provide more value to potential B2B clients.

In the video below, Crystal offers specific tips for HVAC companies to optimize each element. This includes using industry terminology in scripts, engaging the YouTube platform, adding schema markup to video pages, and more.

She explains how on-page video SEO allows HVAC sites to showcase expertise and appear multiple times on Google searches.

Connecting high-quality video content using HVAC terms, an engagement-focused platform like YouTube, and technically sound video pages can get HVAC sites noticed. Use Crystal’s advice to leverage video for SEO success in the B2B space.

Check out the full video for a deep dive into video SEO best practices for B2B HVAC sites:

Scott Davenport

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