Change Management for AI Adoption in HVAC Firms

As an HVAC company selling products and services to other businesses, you likely feel immense pressure to operate efficiently. Artificial intelligence presents a tremendous opportunity to leverage technology, work smarter, and stay competitive. However, integrating AI requires thoughtful planning to get your team up to speed.

In this post, I share an insightful video from HVAC Insider that offers practical guidance on adopting AI capabilities in a B2B HVAC business. Are you exploring AI but uncertain how it will impact your workforce? This video details key considerations around change management, intellectual property, and governance when launching AI.

The video features HVAC technology experts Michael Stelzner and Ron Callis, who discuss:

  • The urgent need for B2B HVAC companies to adopt AI
  • Embracing an AI-powered mindset across your organization
  • Carefully assessing workforce impacts when launching AI
  • Running controlled AI pilots before full deployment
  • Safeguarding your proprietary data, models, and methods
  • Establishing protocols to govern AI systems

Watch the video and keep reading for a complete game plan to get your B2B HVAC team ready to adopt transformative AI capabilities.

Scott Davenport

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