How To Use Social Media for Keyword Research


Why is keyword research important? It gives you all the important information you need to see how well you\’re ranking for keywords, which ones are easy to rank for, and which ones your competitors are ranking for. Ultimately, it lets you know what kind of HVAC terms people are search for.

It\’s not that hard to use keywords that other people are using for their business, so we need to find a fresh source of new HVAC-based keywords that you can use to draw in more people to your website.

One great source some people may not think of is social media.

According to Whatagraph“the average time spent on social media in a day by an adult was 142 minutes, which rose to approximately two and a half hours in 2019, followed by 3 hours in 2020. This is bound to increase as more than 3 billion people are expected to access social media sites by 2021.”

Social media platforms are a great place to gather information about the things people do, what they like, where they go and so on.

In a Search Engine Journal column written by Anna Crowe, she covers eight different ways you can leverage social media to find the new keywords you need to create the next awesome piece of content and PPC ads.

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