How To Use Online Reviews To Market To Different Generations (Infographic)

With effective marketing strategies, you can attract and engage with the right person with the right message at the right time. This is true especially when marketing to people of different generations. This is called generational marketing.

It’s hard to acquire customers, especially when you’re trying to market a product or service to a number of different demographics, or in this case, different generations, because a 50 year old person who doesn’t know much about digital marketing is going to react quite differently to a Facebook ad compared to a 20 year old who is much more familiar with digital marketing tactics.

How do you target to all of the different demographics effectively? Do you want to know how different generations use online reviews in their decision-making process?

The folks from Website Builder Expert have created an infographic that shares their tips for marketing successfully with online reviews.

They break things down as follows:

  • Gen Z
  • Millennials
  • Gen X
  • Boomers
A version of this post was first published on the Red Website Design blog.

Scott Davenport

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