6 Areas To Define To Determine Your Ideal Client (Infographic)

In any business, it’s important to know what your ideal client is. If you don’t have a clear vision on who your ideal client is, your business will likely not succeed.

There are businesses out there that can run for years without know who their ideal client is, and when they finally do figure out who that is, it’s a jarring experience.

It’s pretty common to hear that what service-based businesses offer products or services “suitable for everyone”, but this idea will cause a number of businesses to fall flat since this thought process is just so generic. Their generic offerings end up not strongly capturing the attention of their ideal client.

So what characteristics do you need to define for your company that will help you determine who your ideal client is?

SEMrush created the following infographic where they list 6 different characteristics that you will want to focus on, including:

  1. Types of projects
  2. Size of the sites
  3. Geographic boundaries
  4. Specialization or niche
  5. Size of the business
  6. Areas of growth most exciting

Scott Davenport

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