How to Use Facebook to Build a Community in 2023

Are you interested in building a loyal, and engaged following on Facebook for your business?

In this Social Media Examiner video, you’ll discover how you can develop communities with the social media platform, including:

  • Why Marketers Should Focus On Facebook For Developing Community
  • Consumer Behavior On Facebook
  • Marketing Changes On Facebook In The Last Year
  • Facebook’s Discovery Engine
  • Using Facebook For Community Development
  • How To Use Video Posts To Cultivate Facebook Community
  • How To Use Non-Video Posts To Cultivate Facebook Community
  • How To Use Facebook Groups To Nurture Community
  • How To Create A Community People Want To Return To
  • How To Moderating Your Facebook Group
  • How To Use Special Facebook Group Features
  • Sharing Exclusive Content In A Facebook Group
  • When To Use The “@Everyone” Tag In Facebook Groups

Scott Davenport

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