How To Know If Your Facebook Ads Will Work

Are you curious about how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign every single time, but you want to find a process that relies on more than just a best guess?

In this Social media Examiner video, you’ll learn what metrics you should consider to make smarter decisions for your ad campaigns on Facebook.

The following video covers the following points:

  • Why Should Use Facebook And Instagram Ads
  • Common Mistakes With Ad Spend
  • How To Calculate A Budget For Facebook And Instagram Ads
  • How To Use Ads To Sell Expensive Products vs. Less Expensive Products on Facebook
  • What Is Customer Lifetime Value
  • How To Analyze Facebook Ads
  • How to Set A Budget to Scale Your Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics Data vs Facebook Analytics Data
  • How to Know If Your Facebook Ads Are Working

Scott Davenport

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