How to Fix Google Title Tag Rewrites

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In SEO, title tags are quite important, as they can provide both users and search engines with the correct context on the respective page. When your webpage gets crawled by a search bot, they’ll take note of the meta title-tags and use keyword in each one to better understand what that page is about and how it can be relevant to searchers.

In this Office-hours hangout video, Google’s John Mueller tells us what sort of algorithm factors are utilized to decide title tag rewrites, as well as making some suggestions for a proactive approach for dealing with the tag rewrite problem.

The Search Engine Journal talks about:

  1. What factors influence title tag algorithm
  2. Algorithm factors for title tag rewrites
  3. Title tags are no longer tied to individual queries
  4. How to fix title tags
  5. How to respond to the title tag rewrites
  6. What to do with weird title tag rewrites

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