Can You Outrank Negative Content About Your Company On Google?

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I’m sure you’re HVAC company has been around for a while, and even if it’s still fairly new, this can really help you out even more. There will come a time when a current or past client (or even a potential one who felt they had a bad run in with your business) will write something negative about your business, products, or services that you provide.

This form of negativity can possibly be a detriment to your company’s brand if not handled right.

There is a recent Search Engine Journal post where someone asked about an article that spoke negatively about their company. The article is ranking first page, and the company is trying to outrank that particular article.

This is what was asked:

“I wondered if disavowing their link to our site will help in pushing their article to the third or fourth page of results.”

It’s understandable where the person is coming from, as it is irritating since you want to deal with the negative content as soon as you can.

When your company does see negative content appear in the search results, you might want to find a way to remove it. In that case, how do you outrank the offending webpage?

Check out Tony Wright‘s post on Search Engine Journal from the following link!

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