How To Find, Train, And Retain Freelance Writers

When your business is faced with a project that just can’t be completed by yourself, there’s a chance you would hire out to help get it completed while you work on other important things. It’s important to hire somebody who does a particular type of project for a living, someone who has expertise and experience who can be trusted to deliver results.

If you are somebody who needs content written for a blog or website, wouldn’t it be a good idea to hire a freelance writer? Of course!

The benefits that come from hiring a freelance writer can include:

  1. You benefit from the diverse knowledge and experience that comes from that freelancer
  2. The turnaround is faster with freelancer than if you go through an agency.
  3. You have a direct line of communication with the freelancer
  4. You get more bang for your buck
  5. You will avoid the content mills
  6. You will get a reliable partner that will help down the line
  7. You get a higher ROI without hiring an in-house writer or agency

These benefits can outweigh the challenges.

In an article written by Ron Lieback, he’ll give you tips on how you can find, train, retain and let go of freelance writers in the best way you can.

Check out Ron’s article over on Search Engine Journal now.

Scott Davenport

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