How to do SMS Marketing – Top 10 Hacks & Strategies

As a B2B business, have you ever given any thought regarding SMS marketing in your overall marketing strategy? It\’s something to consider, because it\’s one more way to communicate with clients or potential clients.

Here are eight benefits of SMS marketing that will help strengthen your business:

  • High open rates.
  • Better conversion rate.
  • SMS marketing is inexpensive.
  • Greater audience reach.
  • Instant delivery.
  • Campaign success visibility.
  • SMS marketing benefit for customer: easy Opt-in/Opt-out.
  • Flexible and reliable SMS marketing.

When you compare SMS marketing to other types of advertising, SMS marketing can lead to higher engagement rates and a better ROI.

Adam Erhart will show us how to use SMS Marketing, as well as some of his top hacks and strategies, as well as introduce you to a powerful tool I’m using and show you how to use that too.

Scott Davenport

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