How to Conduct a Supplier Review

This should go without saying, but having supplier reviews are pretty important. They allow you to manage your key suppliers more effectively. After all, if you don\’t keep on who you\’re getting your supplies from, things could start going downhill and that would be bad for your business, and you\’d have nobody to blame but yourself.

But recently, we\’ve been seeing more and more of the importance of the supply chain to a contractor\’s success. Like I said above, without the right parts and equipment, you can\’t take are of your customers. But if you can do a review on your supplier, then you will keep things going strong, and everybody will be happier for it.

We know that conducting a supplier review is important, but another important question is, how do you go about conducting a supplier review? In a recent Matt Michel post on ACHR, he talks about Ed Bishop\’s (from Winsupply) recommendation on the content of a supplier review.

If you want to make sure your reviews go well and get the information you need, check out his suggestions over on ACHR here.

Scott Davenport

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