How SEO is Changing With Google’s Algorithm and What That Means for You

The big question on everyone’s mind—will the new Google update affect my business’s website? Google is constantly trying to improve user search results with minor updates that are often not noticeable to site owners. However, when Google delivers a core update, your website may or may not be affected in ranking results. 

Understanding the basics of the algorithm changes and actions you can take to bounce back after an update is time-consuming. One of the best actions you can take is to work with a marketing professional to ensure your website remains ranking high in search results. Thrive is an Oregon SEO company that specializes in helping businesses achieve the best SEO strategy. We’ve compiled the basics of SEO amid Google’s algorithm changes, so you learn how you may benefit from working with affordable local SEO services in your area.

What is Google Algorithm, and Why Does It Need to be Updated?

Google’s algorithms sort and rank web pages to deliver the most relevant, quality content for a search query. As technology advances and more web pages are created over time, it becomes necessary for Google to refresh its algorithm, so users are getting the best experience.

What’s Changed in Google Algorithm Updates?

Google makes many minor changes throughout the year that usually are unnoticeable to site owners. However, every so often, a core update is launched, and site owners’ pages are no longer ranking as high as they were before—a frustrating setback for business owners who worked hard to develop their SEO rank. 

How Will This Affect Your Website?

As a site owner, there is specific research you should undertake after an update to evaluate if your website has been negatively affected by one of Google’s algorithm updates.

Check out Your SEO Rankings

There are analytics tools available that can help you understand SEO performance after a big update. However, these tools still require you to do a lot of research and compare data sets. Moreover, there are many small ranking factors that an amateur in marketing might not recognize. If you’re in the area, consider using an Oregon SEO company specializing in auditing websites’ performances and planning the most optimal strategy to move forward from an algorithm update’s negative impact.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Website Ranking High?

Despite an algorithm change, there are a few basic tips to keep your website ranking high in search results.

  • Quality: Ensure your content is relevant and adds value to your audience.
  • Site Speed: Your website should run smoothly and load quickly.
  • Keyword Planning: Use keywords practically and efficiently to see results.

Consider reaching out to an Oregon SEO company for help understanding the best way forward for your website. Thrive is an affordable SEO company in Portland that helps your website reach its full SEO potential. Improving SEO strategies amid changing google algorithms is complicated. For more information on implementing best SEO practices, visit our blog!

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