How Many Ways Can You Get Deindexed By Google?

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A website is usually disindexed for one of two reasons:

  • Google has taken a manual action on your site. 
  • Someone accidentally made a mistake in the code of the website to cause the deindexation

The indexing of your content by Google is determined by their system algorithms that takes into account user demand and quality. But, why does Google removed certain content pieces from its index?

Regardless of the optimizations you’ve done to your site, it’s still possible that Google could either exclude certain pages or the entire site. It’s possible that the content you are sharing doesn’t really provide what your visitors need.

In a column written by Maddy Osman for Search Engine Journal, she will show us about 20 ways you could see your site deindexed by Google.

  1. Crawl Blocking Through Robots.txt File.
  2. Spammy Pages.
  3. Keyword Stuffing.
  4. Duplicate Content.
  5. Auto-Generated Content.
  6. And more

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