How Do You Set Up Offline Conversions in Google Ads?

According to Google, offline conversions are:

“Sometimes, an ad doesn’t lead directly to an online sale, but instead starts a customer down a path that ultimately leads to a sale in the offline world, such as at your office or over the phone. By importing offline conversions, you can measure what happens in the offline world after your ad results in a click or call to your business.”

There have been a number of updates that have caused us to not always be able to rely on native conversion tracking as a source of reliable data. These updates can include Google’s drive towards conversion modeling and iOS’s 14.5 update to make conversion tracking optional for its users.

This question was posed by somebody in Search Engine Journal’s Ask The PPC:

How do I set up offline conversion tracking? Do I need to have an integration or can I manually upload a list?

With offline conversion events, you will be able to see a “more comprehensive look at which keywords and targeting criteria drive the most cost-effective conversions.” Basically, the data will allow you to increase profit by targeting and optimizing your HVAC campaigns.

In an column written by Navah Hopkins for Search Engine Journal, she will teach us how to set up offline conversion tracking and the strategy behind it.

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