How Do You Improve Your Twitter Ad Tracking?

If you’ve been marketing your brand and business for a while, chances are, you’re making use of various channels of brand exposure, such as social media platform Twitter. Not only are you engaging with people through Twitter, but you’re probably also using Twitter ads as well.

Despite the issues that Twitter has, it is one of the best ad platforms you can find. Twitter offers some great ad targeting features that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are running Twitter ads, you want to be sure you’ve set them up correctly.

Anna Sonnenberg has written and article for Social Media Examiner where she shows you how you can set up and optimize the Twitter pixel to target and track website conversions more effectively.

Here are the steps she covers:

  1. Install the new Twitter Pixel with code
  2. Install the Twitter pixel with a tag manager
  3. Leverage Conversions API

She also covers how you can add conversion events to Twitter ad campaigns, including:

  • Choosing a campaign objective and an ad group goal
  • Building a target audience
  • Checking conversion event analytics

Check out the article here now for more details!

Scott Davenport

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