10 Ways to Improve and Support Your In-House SEO Team

Although I’m sure there are businesses who wouldn’t care to admit it, there are plenty of in-house marketing teams that neglect SEO.

In this Ignite Visibility video, John Lincoln, SEO expert and Ignite Visibility CEO, will help you make your in-house SEO team feel better and supported by the company as a whole, and not pushed aside as an afterthought.

The video covers the following:

  1. Get input from your SEO team before updating websites
  2. Don’t roll out large changes without checking with the SEO team first
  3. Get content added to your website as quickly as possible
  4. Don’t make technical changes to your website without approval
  5. Don’t migrate a website without reviewing
  6. Plan time to review everything
  7. Include your SEO team in internal marketing strategy meetings
  8. Align your paid media and search engine optimization strategies
  9. Give your SEO team the resources they need
  10. Have a budget and specific resources to help your SEO team grow

Scott Davenport

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