How Do You Get Google To Quickly Index Your Site?

If you website is one of the main sources of conversions for your business, discovering how to get your site ranked high on Google is incredibly important. With a properly indexed site lets a search engine see all of the important pages and gives your site a major boost.

When working on SEO for a website, the hope is to get your website to number one on Google, and all within a quick time period. After all, the faster it gets to number one, the sooner it gets seen by its target audience, and the faster business will begin to flow in.

As stated by Search Engine Journal, “Indexing is but one step in a full series of steps that are required for an effective SEO strategy.” SEJ has created a post where they explain how to get your website indexed quickly.

In the post, they cover the following:

  • What is crawling indexing, and ranking?
  • Pages Need to be unique, and not just visible
  • Create a plan where you update and reoptimize older content
  • Create a regular content removal schedule to remove low quality pages
  • Make sure your Robots.txt file doesn’t block crawling to any pages
  • Always check to be sure you don’t have rogue Noindex tags
  • Make sure pages that aren’t indexed are included in the sitemap
  • Make sure that rogue canonical tags don’t exist on site
  • Be sure that non-indexed pages aren’t orphaned
  • Always repair Nofollow internal links
  • Add powerful internal links to your website
  • Submit your page to Google Search Console
  • Use the Rank Math Instant Indexing plugin

Check out SEJ’s post to see all of the details on each point listed above.

Scott Davenport

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