Google Ads Allows Stock Photos For Image Extensions

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Does you or your HVAC marketing team utilize photos when creating ads for your business? If so, this might be an interesting bit of news.

Google Ads has now decided to relax a policy they had that restricted you from using stock photos for image extensions. By using stock photos, you can solve a lot of your graphic design needs at once, in an efficient and low-cost solution.

According to Stock Photo Secrets:

For one, you can get the imagery that you need right away, without having to wait for a photographer to shoot them, edit them, and hand them to you. They are online and ready to be downloaded and used. Add to that, that they are a high-converting resource for all marketing purposes, and as varied and current as they could be. For example, you can find great photos of diverse people without having to dig much for them. And you can find the perfect images to address specific target groups, like baby boomers or millennials, or particular subjects like families or business-themed images, all in one place.

Secondly, they also save you a lot of money. The cost of hiring a professional photographer to do a custom shoot for you is way, was higher than the $15 or so that you would spend in buying a stock photo. Let alone that if you get a subscription or you buy a bunch of them at once, you can get them for as low as a few cents each.

Google is doing this as a part of a larger series of changes regarding image extensions. And now, you will have the ability to display stock images in all of your desktop ads.

Matt Southern has a post over on Search Engine Journal where he goes into further detail on this development.

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