Four Ways You Can Improve Your YouTube Ads Targeting

Are you the owner of a stunning website? Have you taken the time to utilize SEO and PPC advertising to really pump up those sales and conversions?

But have you thought of everything you can do to really get seen by the masses? If you haven’t thought of it already, maybe because it didn’t cross your mind, or you weren’t sure if your business would benefit from it, you need to realize how much you’d benefit from utilizing YouTube as an advertising avenue.

If you have, you’ve already taken the plunge, but if not, you will really want to consider it.

In this situation, let’s assume that you already begun your adventure into YouTube advertising. You’ve been dabbling for a while, but you realize that you want more control over where your video ads are being shown on YouTube. Maybe you’d like to see your ads to show up on the content of your very own competitors.

In these circumstances, you’ll want to check out an article by Anna Sonnenberg, where she shows you how you can use your content targeting to choose where your YouTube ads display.

She shows you how you can target your YouTube Ads by placement, topic, keywords, and competitor content.

If you’re interested in ramping up control of your YouTube Advertising targeting, then check out her post over on Social Media Examiner for all the information you need.

Scott Davenport

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