Five Sitemap Examples That Shows Best Practices In Action

Sitemaps have been round for ages, and any SEO expert would tell you that having a sitemap for your website is a must.

A sitemap is a website’s most important pages, as they not only make sure search engines can find and crawl from, they also help in understanding your website structure, making it easier to navigate your website. A sitemap can also help your website visitors get to where they need to go. It’s where they go if they haven’t found what they’re looking fore in your dropdown menus or on-site search.

As you can see, sitemaps are pretty important. It helps everybody make sense of everything on your website.

If you’re going to create a sitemap for your website (or you’re fixing to fix and/or update your current one), you probably want to make sure it’s going to be as good as it can be.

But where do you start? One of the first things you can do is go online and check out some examples so you get some good ideas on how to create a great sitemap.

One place you might want to check out is Search Engine Journal. They gave five sitemap examples that demonstrates best practices in action.

They include:

  1. Yoast
  2. LinkedIn’s People Directory
  3. Kindly
  4. The Good Guys
  5. Rock The Rankings

Head over to the Search Engine Journal for the full article and links!

Scott Davenport

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