Facebook Analytics Will Shut Down On June 30

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In about three months from now, on June 30, Facebook Analytics will be shutting down meaning that people who rely on it will need to find a way to not only find another solution for their analytics for Facebook, they will have a short time to do it. This is somewhat odd as other platforms that announce a shuttering of a similar service would usually give more time to prepare.

This announcement was announced on the Facebook for Business help center, saying:

“Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021. Until then, you will still be able to access reports, export charts and tables, and explore insights. To export data into a CSV file from Facebook Analytics on your desktop, click the arrow in the top-right corner of each chart or table.”

If you want to be able to export your data into a CSV file, the announcement said that you should “click the arrow  in the top-right corner of each chart or table.”

They also provide a list of three other tools that you can use:

  • Facebook Business Suite allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram business accounts and can show you detailed insights about your audience, content and trends. (This tool may not be available to you yet.)
  • Ads Manager lets you view, make changes and see results for all your Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads.
  • Events Manager can help you set up and manage Facebook Business Tools like the Facebook pixel and Conversions API, and reports actions taken on your website, in your app and in your physical store.

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