B2B Digital Transformation By The Numbers

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Times are always changing, and so are all kinds of businesses, and HVAC is no exception. According to a new study by ecommerce platform Sana Commerce, 94% of the people surveyed agreed that most manufacturers are going to be shifting their marketing strategy in 2021.

The study was done by Sapio Research, who surveyed 802 US manufacturers. Out of all them, 88% of which sold through both online and offline channels.

Here are the takeaways from the study:

  • On average around 50% of overall revenue is generated via online channels;
  • 45% are seeing an increase in sales as a result of investing in digital strategies;
  • 67% are selling direct to consumers; 
  • 63% of B2B retailers are selling through marketplaces such as Amazon.com;
  • 63% report purchasing an ecommerce platform from a third party (SaaS, licensed or on-premise application); and
  • 52% report using a homegrown ecommerce platform (built and maintained in-house)

Source – Marketing Land

Scott Davenport

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