Unlock Technical SEO Power with WordPress Hooks

With over 1.87 billion websites active today and fierce competition to rank highly on search engines, having flawless technical SEO has become more critical than ever. Recent surveys found that over 58% of marketers say optimizing technical SEO factors directly led to increasing their site’s organic search traffic. However, customizing WordPress’s core files to enhance […]
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How to Speed Up WordPress Site Load Times

A slow website is one that takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. This can frustrate visitors, cause them to leave your site, and even hurt your search engine rankings. For an HVAC business, having a fast website is crucial – when customers need to find information or request service, a slow site means lost […]
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Maximizing Your HVAC Business Website\’s Visibility: Generating XML Sitemaps in WordPress

So, you have just created a website for your HVAC business using WordPress, and you are eager to launch it to the world. You\’ve invested time in designing an attractive layout, crafting compelling content, and optimizing your pages for search engines. However, to fully unleash your website\’s potential, it\’s crucial to generate an XML sitemap. […]
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Enhance User Feedback and Engagement: Here\’s The Top 6 WordPress Review Plugins for 2023

If you own a business website, it is highly likely that you offer products, services, or both. If your website is built on WordPress, it would be wise to contemplate installing a review plugin. These WordPress review plugins can greatly enhance your online business by providing valuable user feedback. They enable visitors to leave reviews […]
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What Are Some Of The Top WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Website?

With a market share of over 40%, WordPress is undeniably one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in use today. Thanks to the sheer number of plugins available, WordPress has gotten to become one of the biggest blog and website platforms out there to date. According to Hubspot, WordPress plugins are \”a piece […]
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28 Actionable Steps To WordPress SEO

WordPress has come along way since it first released back in 2003. The content management system now powers 43.3% of all websites on the internet. It’s free, it’s open-source and it’s SEO-friendly. We can see why it’s gotten so popular. But that doesn’t mean that the website that you create with it gets a free pass. You […]