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Unveiling New Insights on Video Ad Performance: Meta\’s Research Highlights (Infographic)

Meta has recently released a study that dives into the effectiveness of its ad campaigns. With a particular emphasis on the impact of video formats, including the immensely popular Reels, this research provides invaluable insights into the short and long-term efficacy of Meta’s advertising strategies. In collaboration with Nielsen, the study spanned three years and focused on […]
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The Benefits Of Video Marketing That Demands Your Attention

We’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if we start talking about video? In that case, we should multiply that by a thousand. This is the basis of video marketing. Video marketing is a powerful and effective form of marketing that can engage your audience. Once you’ve seen […]
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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To YouTube Video Advertising

These days, video in general has gotten really popular, and in the world of advertising, it can really help sway potential clients to your brand. Video advertising can help to increase visibility, engage and convert leads. One great place that would help see your video ads get In front of a lot of eyes is […]
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12 Step Guide On How To Get More Facebook Video Views

By using Facebook video marketing strategies, you will find a plethora of exciting metrics about your audience that you can utilize for your future marketing efforts. One option is tracking how long your video has been watched, when in the video they leave, or how many people even played the video. In short, using Facebook […]

YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads – Which Performs Better? (Infographic)

YouTube, for as long as been around (it came out in December of 2005, can you believe it\’s been that long?), we\’ve considered the platform to be a source of everything video. But now, there are people who use the site for more than that. They are using it for audio purposes as well (such […]