Multi-Location Businesses

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Where To Begin With Location-Specific Websites

Implementing geo IP redirects are certainly more challenging than a normal website. But where do you begin? In this episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller recommends next steps and shares a few aspects to remember when you have a location-specific website. Resources:Managing multi-regional and multilingual websites → Search Central Community Forum →
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Local SEO Strategies for Multi-Location Companies (Infographic)

Do you run a multi-locations HVAC business? If so, this might interest you! If you\’re creating landing pages for your business website, then it\’s a smart idea to create how ever landing pages for every location you have. Separate landing pages are important when it comes to small business discovery, since it helps you get […]
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Multi-Location Businesses Increase The Standard With Localized Strategies

When you own not just a single HVAC business location, but multiple locations, how you market will be different than if you were marketing for a single location. When there are several places that you run over town, or across the nation, you will have to make sure that each location has it\’s own specific […]