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8 Content Marketing Metrics You Want to Care About (Infographic)

You’ve been creating some pretty awesome content for a while now. You already have a content calendar full of great content idea for the new year. You are a well-oiled machine of content generation. But you might be wondering what you can do to measure the performance of all this content? This is where content […]
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Metrics For Better Keyword Research – Whiteboard Friday

Putting together some keyword ideas is great, but if you aren\’t looking at the the right metrics, you aren\’t going to get very far. The whole idea behind metrics is to make the data-driven decision. If your metrics don\’t quite fit what you\’re trying to accomplish, then your marketing strategy won\’t be as effective as […]
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What Are The Key Social Platform Metrics You Should Be Tracking? (Infographic)

One of the great things about social media is the ability to track so many details through social media metrics. At the same time, the hardest thing about social media is that you can track so many details through social media metrics. Because there’s such a variety of metrics, how do you know which ones […]