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Diagnosing Traffic Drops on Your B2B HVAC Website with Google Search Console

In the world of B2B HVAC, having a good flow of website traffic is essential for generating leads and driving business growth. However, when you experience a sudden and significant traffic drop, it can be frustrating to pinpoint the cause, especially when traditional SEO troubleshooting methods fail to provide answers. The landscape of search results […]
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Why Are Search Console Query Reports So Inconsistent?

Recently, John Mueller of Google discussed the discrepancies in Search Console query reports and why page and site level reports show different numbers of search queries than the search console query report displays. Query reports lists the Google Search queries that generated impressions of your website URLS in Google organic search results. The number of […]
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Does Google Search Console Geotargeting Hurt Search Rankings?

What is Geographic Targeting in Search Console? By setting geotargeting, you are able to specify the country of users you want to view your website most. It can be helpful for business that only caters to a particular country, not the entire international market. There are some people who believe that utilizing Google Search Console’s […]
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Google Search Console Insights Is Available To Everyone

If you have a verified profile in Google Search Console, then here\’s some news for you! Google Search Console Insights reports has officially launched. Here\’s what Google had to say: \”To help you better understand which content of yours resonates with your audiences, we are introducing a new experience called Search Console Insights. This experience joins […]
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Google Search Console Adds Page Experience Report And Filters For Search Performance Report

Being able to look through all of the data reports on Google Search Console can really be useful as the more data you have, the more you’ll be able to do with it and ultimately refine your strategies. But now, you’ll be getting more from the upcoming Google page experience update. Along with the new […]
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How Do You Make the Most of Crawl Stats in Google Search Console?

With all the things you ca do in Google Search Console, it isn\’t always going to be easy to find every single thing or know everything that you can do, so it isn\’t shocking when you discover a report that you didn\’t really know was there. One of those reports that aren\’t easy to find […]