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How Long Does it Take To Recover From Algorithmic Penalty?

If you website recently got hit with an algorithmic penalty due to a content quality issue, you might wonder, how long does it take you to recover from something like that? Recently, Google answered the following question: “…if a website gets algorithmically penalized for thin content, how much of the website’s content do you have […]
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LinkedIn Has Provided Insight Into How Its Feed Algorithm Works In Video Series

There have been ‘record levels’ or user engagement for LinkedIn recently, but a lot of this engagement is dominated by things like spam, re-posts from different platforms, vague polls and the like. Naturally, the business platform has been busy trying to fix it. Last month, LinkedIn started an initiative meant to provide more transparency to improve the aforementioned elements, […]
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Do Brand Mentions Matter To Google’s Algorithm?

Brand mentions are basically mentions made regarding product or service reviews, blog posts, educational content and news articles. There are those who believe that brand mentions directly affect the online reputation of a brand or product. In a recent Google SEO Office Hours video, Google\’s John Mueller was asked how important unlinked brand mentions were […]
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Different Algorithms Are Used For Different Languages On Google

Are you running an HVAC website with multiple languages to reach a broader audience for your services? In that case, you will certainly want to consider the following information regarding Google\’s languages algorithm. There was a recent Reddit thread question that appeared titled: “Does Google use the same algorithm for very language?” In response, John […]