Can You Create An Killer Company Page On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an incredible social network that is inherently B2B-centric. The platform is built for business networking, an is great for lead generation. This means LinkedIn is a great place to market your B2B business.

LinkedIn Company Pages were developed to give your company a home base and reach your audience on the network.

The benefits of having a Company Page on LinkedIn includes:

  1. It showcases your company, not just a single employee. 
  2. Your employees act as indirect company ambassadors 
  3. You can measure the effectiveness of your updates
  4. Be alerted when some mentions your company
  5. Promote your most important news
  6. Showcase your specialist services
  7. It’s free advertising

But is there a way to create an awesome LinkedIn Company Page that will really resonate with others who are interested in the products and services you’re providing? Where should you begin?

Neil Shaffer has a post over on his website that shows us 12 easy steps that will help you create that killer Company Page that will draw in the business you crave and need!

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Scott Davenport

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