Can Blogging Still Help Build Your Business In 2022?

The world is always evolving, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a fact of life. Just like everything else, digital and content marketing is always in a constant state of change. As tech comes and goes, its becoming easier to access news and information. What does this mean for blogging in 2022? Is it still effective or should we just forget about it and throw it out the window and look for other means to get out message out?

The short answer is this – blogging is still something you want to use in your business and marketing strategy!

Sure, video has gotten extremely popular, and audio podcast also have their audience, but blogging still has it’s place in the mix.

If you want to make Google show people that your blog is the most relevant out of millions of articles and results and keep your audience coming back for more, check out this video on the subject!

Scott Davenport

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