Big Google Algorithm Updates That You Should Know About For 2022 Planning


Google has quite a habit of updating their search algorithm thousands of times a year, which can range from little to huge. OF course, these changes can have quite the interesting implications for your HVAC website\’s ranking.

Google’s algorithm is there to ensure that users are able to get the most relevant results to them. It does the work by searching out web pages containing keywords that you used to search, assigning a rank to each page based on factors like how many times keywords appear on the page.

Over the years of updating their search algorithm, they have been able to decrease the number of irrelevant results by over 40% over just the last five years.

Miranda Miller will take us on a trip that shows us all the updates that shaped SEO over the past year and how they could end up affecting your plans going into 2022. She will show us five of the biggest Google search updates from the past year.

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