A Small Business Guide To Starting A Newsletter (Infographic)

For some, the world of newsletters appear outdated. Those with this mindset feel this is because of all the changes we see in social media marketing today – live videos, stories, and hashtags. Readers believe that newsletters are boring, and this state of mind can make it hard to digest.

But it’s time to realize that newsletters are an important component of effective marketing and branding. For any business, a newsletter is a cost-effective medium for creating and building relationships with clients, consumers, and prospects.

Despite some of these negative opinions, newsletters have become more and more popular in staying in touch with your audience.

Having access to their inbox can be both powerful and beneficial to your marketing efforts. It lets you place your messaging in an important connection for your readers, but to also build your own, first party communications lists and data notes.

If you’re looking for email inspiration, then this overview from the team at OnDeck will help.

Check out the following infographic, which gives a useful overview of how you can build an effective email marketing strategy, from composition to management.


Source – Social Media Today

Scott Davenport

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