7 Tactics to Increase Customer Lifetime Value (Infographic)

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is an important metric for any business, including your HVAC business. CTV is the total worth to your business of a client or customer over the whole period of your relationship. This metric is important as it costs less to keep current clients rather than acquiring new ones. If you can keep the clients you already have, then this will help drive growth.

Knowing the CLV helps businesses develop strategies to acquire new clients while retaining the existing ones, all while maintaining profit margins.

Your CLV is important for any sort of effective marketing plan you’re currently running, or will run in the future. Building brand community through direct connection and conversion options can turn your clients into real advocates.

By maintaining these relationships, and building on them over time, customers can use social media to amplify your messaging within their own networks, which can reach much farther than any business can do on their own.

The team at GetVOIP illustrates a variety of was we can improve your customer lifetime value with examples from brands that have done just that.

CLV infographic

Source – Social Media Today

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